Spider-Ham 15.88's first appearance in What The--?! #26.

Spider-Ham 15.88 is the parody of Spider-Man 2099 in the Spider-Ham universe. Little is known about him or his identity's life, except they they are both super-hero and civilian, much like their counterparts: Spider-Ham and Peter Porker.


  • RealName = Piguel O'Malley
  • CurrentAlias = Spider-Ham 15.88
  • Identity = Secret
  • Alignment = Good
  • Universe = Earth-8311
  • Gender = Male
  • Citizenship = American
  • MaritalStatus = Single

Parody Of...Edit

Spider-Man 2099. The digits 15.88, however, is not a year. It's a humurous take on the price of ham.


Spider-Ham 15.88 has only appeared in What The -- ? #26.

Alternate VersionEdit

Spider-Ham 15.88 is the future's alternate version of Spider-Ham.

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