Aunt Ham

Aunt Ham as she is seen in the comics.

May Porker is an animal scientist (who is ironically a pig) who is the supposed "loving aunt" of Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham.

Character BiographyEdit

May Porker was a slightly isane (if not goofy) animal scientist and inventor. In her first appearance, May Porker claimed she invented a hair drier that would "revolutionize the hair-care industry." After testing her invention, the test back-fired and caused her to go into a fit of delusion. During her fit of delusion, she bit Peter, the spider that lived in the basement. This event would ultimately draw the beginning of Spider-Ham, who took May's last name as his own in homage to her for "creating" him.

May Porker in the Spectacular Spider-Ham Comics Edit

After the famous What The--?! comic, May Porker was brought back into the Spider-Ham universe in the Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham Comics. During this time-line, May has broken out of her delusion fit. But her fit causes her to believe that she is Spider-Ham's loving aunt, mirroring Aunt May from Spider-Man. Although May Porker dosen't appear as much in the series, she is known as one of the supporting characters of the series, once appearing in Spider-Man Family #1 (alongside other Spider-Ham characters).

Parody Of . . .Edit

May Parker, although their relationship to the hero is different from each verion. In the Spider-Man comics, May Parker is Spider-Man's real aunt. In the Spider-Ham comics, May Porker believes that she is Spider-Ham's loving aunt. It is revealed the "Mayday" is May Porker's middle name, mirroring her failure on an invention that caused the creation of Spider-Ham.


May Porker has appeared in a minumum of four comics: